The purpose of lanxihair is to create a way of life that makes you feel good and makes friends like you more. This way is achieved by dressing up your hair. According to research, women feel the most confident when their hair looks great, and confident women are the most beautiful. Therefore, we encourage everyone to create and display their own hairstyles, instead of blindly following the mainstream and having their own unique style. We believe that women should not all look the same. Everyone has their own unique style and temperament, which makes them better and more confident. How to be beautiful is up to you.


lanxihair is a wig brand that focuses on the beauty needs of modern women. Established in the summer of 2021, we are committed to providing fashionable, high-quality, affordable products and a concise shopping experience for women around the world, so that they can enjoy the beauty of life in freedom and self-confidence. In the early stage of brand establishment, we have a large number of supporters that resonate with us. They want to find their own unique beauty, not look like her.
In order to provide more durable, more unique and more affordable wig products to beauty lovers, we have established long-term business partnerships with many well-known brands in the hairdressing industry. In addition, the company spends a lot of time sourcing high-quality human hair materials. We learn about the best human hair products from the best quality hair materials. lanxihair has raw material procurement agents in Pakistan, Peru, Malaysia, India, and Myanmar. At present, we have overseas warehouses and offices in the United States, Britain, France, China and other places.

100% Virgin Human Hair

We has only adhered to use 100% virgin human hair, the best hair recognized in the industry, is the most natural in luster and flexibility. High-quality products enable you to wash, blow dye, curly, flat iron, color and perm while still maintaining its tangle-free and vitality.

About our factory partner

The factory is located in the wig capital of the world and has the best wig knitting technology, which is the reason why we select them. Founded in 2008, it brings over one decades of expertise in the hair industry, with more than 300 employees.

Phone: +(86) 13782244425
Company: Xuchang Hongyang Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.
Address:East Industrial Park, East Industrial Cluster Yuzhou city China, 461670.
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